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So quick bright things come to confusion

Lurker Kay of the Forest Kingdom
5am bedtimes 2pm wakeups, angel the series, awesome folks, batslash, battlestar galactica, beecher/keller, billie holiday, bisexual, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing boys, brent seabrook, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bwoc slash, caffeine, canadian films, carey price, chicago blackhawks, chl, chocolate, claude giroux, claudia black, clex, cobra starship, coffee, comic books, comics, computers, conventions, crazy cats, cult films, dali, dark angel, dean winchester, doctor who, doctor/master, duncan keith, edmonton oilers, elves, fan fiction, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fanvids, fiction, firefly, forests, gambit, gay rights, genderswap, glee, green eyes, halloween, helena bonham carter, hips and eyeliner, history, hockey, ianto jones, ianto/jack, internet, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jonathan toews, joss whedon, jossverse, juno, kat dennings, keller/beecher, lemonheads, lillies, lynn flewelling, marvel comics, mcshep, mercedes lackey, metro station, michael rosenbaum, michael shanks, mindless self indulgence, montreal canadiens, musicals, my chemical romance, my own private idaho, mythology, nhl, nightwing, nine inch nails, ohl, painting, patrick kane, patrick sharp, patrick wolf, photography, pie, placebo, pocketsized pop-punk boys, poetry, pop culture, profanity, puppies, reading, reading fanfiction, recs, rent, ridic hockey players, rock music, rocky horror picture show, rodney mckay, rodney/john, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, sexy hipbones, shiny things, shoes, slash, slash fiction, springtime in ontario, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, suits, supernatural, supernatural slash, tanya huff, tattoos, the avengers, the brothers winchester, the doctor, the dresden dolls, the postal service, the runaways, the used, time lords, torchwood, torchwood slash, trivia, used books, vampires, video on trial, whedonverse, white collar, writing, wtfery, x-men, x5-494, xander harris, yelling at the tv, young avengers, zombies